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Food safety and hygiene standards were certified by the Health Department.

Our kitchens were certified with food safety and hygiene standards to ensure the food is always prepared with clean and safe environment.

HACCP - the international standard of food safety and hygiene management system was certificated by Vietnam Certification Centre QUACERT (under the Ministry of Science and Technology).

HACCP system focuses totally on the food safety and hygiene and scientifically identifies, establish and perform Critical Control Points during the food processing.

ISO 9001: 2015 - the international standard for quality management system was certified by Vietnam Certification Center QUACERT (under the Ministry of Science and Technology).

ISO 9001: 2015 rates the quality management system and the ability to meet customer's requirements.

5S manufacturing management method.

Applying Japan’s Model of industrial management include 5 components: Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, Sustain.

Standardized tray - materials of the plastic tray researched and designed by Minh Nam Corp were confirmed to be safe and do not cause chemical and biological pollution when used for food containers, certified by Conformity Certification Center QUACERT 3 (under the Ministry of Science and technology).

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed plastic materials are made trays of Minh Nam Company, are safe for food, do not cause chemical and biological pollution when contain food at high temperatures.

10 billion VND insurance - was insured by Petrolimex Insurance Joint Stock Company (PJICO)

Mina's products are ensured in the case there are any incidents during catering services. Product and service quality of buyer are also ensured by Limited Trading Services Minh Nam Company.

Official member of Vietnam Food Safety Association (VINAFOSA).

In 2006, the Minh Nam Co., Ltd was certified as an official member of VINAFOSA.

In 2007, branch of Minh Nam Co., Ltd Food Safety (under VINAFOSA) was formally established.

APEC Quality and Prestige Brand.

In 2016, Minh Nam Trades and Services Joint Stock Company was received “Quality and Prestige Brand" award - this title is given only for the business that have the sense of initiative in scientific and technological development, environmental protection and participating in social activities as well as gaining consumer’s trust, having ability for competitiveness and international integration. The title is awarded by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce - USA, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Advisory Business of APEC Council (ABAC), The Office of the National Assembly in the South of Vietnam and also The ASEAN Times jointly patronized in Singapore.

Top 10 "Vietnam Leading Brands - Vietnam Leading Brands 2019"

In 2019, Minh Nam Trading & Services Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "Top 10 leading Brands in Vietnam - Vietnam Leading Brands 2019" for outstanding achievements in production and business activities as well as technical improvements. , developing in the field of Culinary Industry in Vietnam.